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House function administrator

Ps Jacques Jordaan serves as an assistant pastor to Ps. Peet and Sonette and has a full time career in the secular world.


Jacques is married to Joyce and they have one daughter, Karia. They became part of House of My Glory in 2002 and have been committed sons in the house and part of the vision ever since.


In 2012 Jacques was ordained as Pastor in HOMG and he and his family continues to assist Pastor Peet and Sonette in the administration of HOMG.

Contact Ps Jacques Jordaan


Women’s Ministry

Our ministry to and for ladies, at House of My Glory, is called “ The Ladies Safari”.

“Safari” referring to “a journey” of getting to know God and recognizing His reflection in you.

Our vision is to take ladies on a discovery of all the good things God has planned for their lives, plans of Power, Love and Life success.

We support, comfort and pray for one another. We love seeing everyone reaching the higher calling which is in ChristJesus for their lives!

Contact Sonette van der Westhuizen

Tel: (+27) 63 751 9781


Youth Ministry

A group of young people passionate for God and His ways.

Gathering in a healthy social environment.

Being practically educated about their purpose in life.

Building good relationships with each other.


Gatherings are on Friday evenings

From 18:00-20:30

Contact Pedri or Lody to get involved or join.

Pedri 074 219 8169

Lody 076 572 4282

Family Helps.jpeg

Family Helps

Doing what we are able to do, where we can with what we have to assist those in need.

Contact Sonette van der Westhuizen

Tel: (+27) 63 751 9781


Music Ministry

Worship is an act of obedience 

Praise is the expression of Gratitude

With grateful hearts we worship and praise as one

Contact Reception

Tel: (+27) 63 751 9781


Senior Ministry

Our Senior’s Ministry’s purpose is to glorify God. We seek to reach the seniors in HOMG and surrounding areas to enhance their lives, encourage them to grow in their relationship with the Lord and, also to challenge them to serve the Lord with all their heart, mind soul and strength.

The function of this Ministry is to ensure that every senior has a place of ministry and service as long as they live. Regardless of limitations, whether physical, financial, or emotional, we believe they can and should participate in activities that are there for service of the Lord.

The goals of this Ministry are:

  1. To show love and concern to all our seniors,

  2. To give them an opportunity to use their God given abilities and gifts to glorify God,

  3. To provide opportunities for Godly Christian fellowship, and

  4. To provide opportunities for a deeper understanding and assurance of God’s love and care.

We believe that there is a purpose for us all in life. Often it is thought that when one retires that that all activity even in ministry has to stop, but God expects us to continue serving Him with the Spiritual gifts and talents He has given us.

Contact Pastor Johnny and Martie Coertze

    Tel: 082 920 6398

Samuel's Place Children's Ministry


Samuel's Place the children's ministry of House of My Glory was born in 2001. As Hannah sent Samuel to the temple and clothed him with a new robe each year, the children of our ministry is clothed in the Word of God, taught in the ways of the Lord within an environment that is created for children.

Our gatherings take place on Sunday mornings during the same time as the Word Ministry in the chapel. Children from 2 - 12 years are welcome to join us on Sundays to grow in the Spirit through Word and fun.

Besides the Sunday morning gatherings we have various fun activities throughout the year, e.g. Mother and daughter morning, Father and son outing / sleepover, Oupa and Ouma morning, sleepovers and children's camp.

Join us on Sundays during the school terms and come and enjoy the time with friends while growing in the Word.

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