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Becoming active in HOMG

Becoming an active living vessel within HOMG follows this route


Introduction Course

Saints who have been visiting the house regularly for a number of months are invited to join an Introduction Course


Baptism Course

Every member of HOMG is encouraged to be baptised. If at this stage, you have not been baptised a course will be presented to you to give you understanding of why this sacrament is important



If you have not been baptised yet, you will receive an opportunity to do so


Membership Confirmation

Once you have done the Introduction Course and received Baptism, if applicable, you will be introduced to the congregation as a new member


Active in the body through your function or ministry

You are now free to serve the house in whatever way might be appropriate and relevant at any given stage


Teachings and courses 

Teachings and courses are available to you should you wish to further equip yourself in the Word and in your purpose

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