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The Spiritual Journey

The Story of House of My Glory began in a little Chapel where God joined hearts and some remains forever joined. Like in every other ministry we have to consider the development and process that finally birthed that vision. At first it is the supreme work of God our Father before the actual birth of a visionary. True vision is the continual impartation from one generation unto another.

This is the open-ended story of the journey of Pastor Peet van der Westhuizen and his wife Sonette, together with their two children Pedri and Ódel. They have various sons in ministry who are closely aligned to them and assisting them to fulfil the vision God has placed within their hearts.

As a young man Pastor Peet served several congregations in a capacity as youth and assistant pastor. In the early nineties he was involved in Youth ministry at Technicon Pretoria. At the completion of his national service in the SANDF at Thaba Tshwane, he stayed involved with our men in service in the capacity as Chaplain. Peet and Sonette served under the Chaplaincy Commission as an ordained minister of the Full Gospel Church of God in Southern Africa.

After 8 years of ministry within the denomination they resigned from the Full Gospel Church. This decision was driven by a deep awareness, hunger and desire for more in Him. A desire and conviction so strong that, even though they did not know what the next day would hold or how they would make a living, they simply had to pursue this new path.

This led to HOMG being founded in September 2001, at the time under the name Centurion Word Ministries. This ministry is a pure act of obedience to God by Pastor Peet and his wife Sonette. Although there was little certainty of where this deep driven passion would lead, it soon became apparent that at the core would be restoration, truth, purpose and maturing of ministry.

Ps Peet led numerous meetings in the early days as they eagerly aligned themselves to, and passionately seeked the proceeding word of God. Some of these first meetings were held in Brits, Hartbeespoortdam and in Pretoria in several business premises and homes. All hungry and eagerly seeking “the more” that they could so clearly feel calling them from within.

HOMG was blessed at the time to have had different role players building and participating in the vision God has given.

In August 2001 the first formal gathering was held at a Centurion City Council venue and during November 2001 the ministry relocated to the Irene Town Hall. The ministry quickly grew to about 80 people. They came from all walks of life and denominations, Afrikaans, English, Portuguese, Greek, African, those who were rich,poor, broken or whole. God manifested His restoration process in each and all.

Meeting after meeting God restored, healed and established order in the lives of the people. The awesome and heavy weight of the Glory and Fire of God lived among those willing to pursue this new direction. The first few years were a time where many people returned to the Lord, to renew their lives in a very special and intimate
way. It was a time of truth, restoration and purposefully serving God as we matured.

A Children’s Ministry commenced under the leadership of Nico and Anzelle van der Merwe and is called “Samuels Place”. In HOMG, the children, youth and young adults have a very special place, they are the next generation!

As Ps Peet and Sonette continued to follow the unction above everything else, they were divinely introduced to Dr Mark Hanby in March 2002. They travelled for a second time to the United States with one purpose - to meet with destiny. At his Ranch in Crossville, Texas Dr. Mark Hanby introduced Roger and Karen Roth to them. Although not realizing it at that moment, Roger and Karen would soon become their father and mother in ministry.


Roger and Karen Roth from Appleton Wisconsin USA

The vision of Dr. Hanby manifested in the ministry of Roger and Karen Roth, and so did theirs into HOMG.  God united their spirit from day one. Ever since that day, Pastor Peet and Sonette have been bridge builders in the nation of South Africa. They carry a very strong anointing to “to turn the hearts of the fathers to the sons and
the hearts of the sons to the fathers”

Today there are numerous sons in the house who are closely aligned with the vision and direction God takes the house on. They support Ps Peet en Sonette in various ways to ensure the house functions optimally at all times.

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